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JUST 30-minutes OUTSIDE JERUSALEM:  Givat Sharet, Beit Shemesh

Adorable 2-Bedroom Apartment + Garden
Available from June/July/August 2002 (flexible)

Contact:  Miriam-Ruth Navon Toal - Call Ireland: +00-353-78-48 355.
Or, To View By Appt Only: (02) 991 - 9532.

Picket Fence Flower Box   Driving Directions...

Driving Directions from Tel Aviv, The Airport & Jerusalem
Tel Aviv-Jerusalem Highway (Highway #1) to Shaar Hagai / Beit Shemesh Exit (one exit after Latrun / Highway #3 if coming from Tel-Aviv).
Once you exit - you will be heading South on Highway 38.
Go south for approximately 10 kilometers. During this time you will pass one traffic light, then cross the railroad tracks, and then pass one more traffic light which is the entrance to the older, industrial end of Beit Shemesh.
At the SECOND traffic light after crossing over the railroad tracks: turn left.
On this boulevard, count 3 round-abouts (intersections). At the third round-about, turn right onto Rashi.  Continue driving for approximately 1 km. On your left you will find the Scheinfeld Aleph neighborhood.
Beit Shemesh Transportation
Transportation: Beit Shemesh Sharut Service: (02) 538-0777
Transportation: Beit Shemesh Taxi Service: (02) 999-5656
Transportation: A Great Taxi Driver: Max: 052-405-570
Driving Directions from Tel-Aviv, The Airport, Jerusalem.
Israeli Police:  www.police.gov.il/
Official Daily Currency Exchange Rates - Tel: 972-2-655-2999
Bank of Israel - Exchange Rate in English:

Contractual Items
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Kitchen Photo #1   |   Kitchen Photo #2   |   Kitchen Photo #3

Front Door
Front Door Photo #1   |   Front Door Photo #2

Living Room
Living Room Photo #1   |   Living Room Photo #2   |   Living Room Photo #3

Bedrooms & Rennovated Bath
Bedroom Photo #1   |   Bedroom Photo #2   |   Bathroom Photo #1

The Garden - Facing the Back Porch (East) & Screened-in Porch
Back Porch Photo #1   |   Screened Porch Photo #1   |   Screened Porch Photo #2

Garden - Facing South
Facing South Photo #1   |   Facing South Photo #2

Garden - Facing North
Facing North Photo #1   |   Facing North Photo #2   |   Facing North Photo #3   |   Facing North Photo #4

Garden - Facing West
View of the Sunset   |   The Genesis Center   |   Scheinfeld Shopping Center

'Before' and 'After' Pictures
'Before' is June-Nov. 1998   |   'Before' & 'After' of Courtyard  |   'After' begins Dec. 1998-Jan. 1999

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