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A Small Piece of the Garden of Eden
Available from June/July/August 2002 (flexible)
A Piece of Gan Eden

A Small Piece of Gan Eden
Looking north/eastward - the garden forms a perfect outdoor room with plenty of shelter and seats 'with a view'. Recline on the lawn under the Pepper (Pilpalon) tree which has grown much since this photo, taken while sitting under the Primrose tree in a southern corner. Meanwhile, the Fig tree cools the courtyard patio at the far end (not captured in this photo).

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Kitchen Photo #1   |   Kitchen Photo #2   |   Kitchen Photo #3

Front Door
Front Door Photo #1   |   Front Door Photo #2

Living Room
Living Room Photo #1   |   Living Room Photo #2   |   Living Room Photo #3

Bedrooms & Rennovated Bath
Bedroom Photo #1   |   Bedroom Photo #2   |   Bathroom Photo #1

The Garden - Facing the Back Porch (East) & Screened-in Porch
Back Porch Photo #1   |   Screened Porch Photo #1   |   Screened Porch Photo #2

Garden - Facing South
Facing South Photo #1   |   Facing South Photo #2

Garden - Facing North
Facing North Photo #1   |   Facing North Photo #2   |   Facing North Photo #3   |   Facing North Photo #4

Garden - Facing West
View of the Sunset   |   The Genesis Center   |   Scheinfeld Shopping Center

'Before' and 'After' Pictures
'Before' is June-Nov. 1998   |   'Before' & 'After' of Courtyard  |   'After' begins Dec. 1998-Jan. 1999

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