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JUST 30-minutes OUTSIDE JERUSALEM:  Givat Sharet, Beit Shemesh

Adorable 2-Bedroom Apartment + Garden
Waiting List Available.  Non-furnished Condo Available August 2003 (flexible)
NO Smoking.
Click here for Rental Application Form. Utilities.
For Sale to the Highest Bidder

A Place of Retreat

A Place of Retreat
The view from the front door: naturally well-ventilated, south-western exposure,
2-bedrooms, non-furnished except for frig, stove, washing machines, wardrobes, breakfast table, and day bed. Live in Israel for a year before making your big move.

Comfortable Atmosphere

Comfortable Atmosphere
The view from the front door: decorating today is all about making yourself at home. This owner has gone to great lengths to create multiple cozy corners to sit in, all with 'a view' in mind. Gain valuable insight, experience & focus before moving all your belongings to Israel. There's lots to learn.

The Joy of Living Rooms

The Joy of Living Rooms
Some of the living-rooms we see have really no right to the name; they are so unattractive they ought, instead, to be called existing rooms. I like to think of the word 'living-rooms' being short for the joy-of-living-rooms. That is what they ought to be----full of life and happiness and beauty.   ----Lucy Abbot Throop

Living At Ease In Israel

Living At Ease In Israel
The view from the backyard garden: an open plan (L-shaped), 90 sq. meter, ground floor apartment that has a welcoming and homey feel. Just breezy!

Creatively Decorated

Creatively Decorated
The view from the hallway: a woman's passion for refurbishing castaways, collecting antiques, and gardening transforms a formerly neglected property into a cool summer retreat as well as a snug winter hideaway.

The Fragrant Home

The Fragrant Home
View of kitchen from living room area. ...Simmer apple cider, cinnamon, and cloves in water. Our days at home can also be heady & full of fragrant moments once we start to savor the romance of scented rooms.

Everything You Need
Everything You Need & A Place for Everything
Plenty of open space for a single or a couple to harbor their lives and household essentials from the busy world outside the building's exterior front door.

Open Design & Breezes

Open Design & Breezes
Bathed in sunlight and gentle breezes, a spacious and open work space---not to mention the 14 foot long kitchen counter---captures both the coziness and convenience of a glorious open kitchen.

New Bathroom

New Bathroom in August 2000
Gutted and rebuilt---under the exacting standards of my husband, a professional builder---this bathroom boasts new plumbing, decorator faucets, a new & insulated bath tub, invigorating water pressure, new boiler, non-slip ceramic tiles, and plenty of cupboards.

A Garden Lover's Paradise

A Garden Lover's Paradise
A private, English-cottage-styled garden fully enclosed by flowering & evergreen vines, complete with garden gate canopied by purple bougainvillea, a screened-in porch needing some TLC, a gardener's potting bench, white picket fencing, a separate courtyard / grape arbor, meandering flagstone pathways, victorian garden lamps and garden patio area backed by rosemary hedging, myrtle, hibiscus and lemon cypress.

Meandering Flagstone Pathways

Meandering Flagstone Pathways
Upon entering the garden by the garden gate --- facing south --- you are drawn into a riot of greenery, color, sweet smells, and an inviting corner seat.

Step into My Garden

Step Into My Garden
A wood & shingled pergola plus a sunny porch extension offers an irresistible invitation to come outside and enjoy the breezes, the scents, the birds.

Swing & Watch the Sunset

Listen to the Birds
Just outside the living room---facing the sunset---a shaded porch offers outside protection from insects, rain or the unrelenting sun.

Garden Porches - Closeup

Garden Porches - Wide Angle

Cozy, Inviting Environment
Just outside the living room---facing the sunset---a flagstone patio draped by climbing morning glory vines offers both privacy and an outdoor dining room.

Looking southward with the garden gate and courtyard behind the camera.

A Small Gan Eden

A Small Piece of Gan Eden
Looking north/eastward - the garden forms a perfect outdoor room with plenty of shelter and seats 'with a view'. Recline on the lawn under the Pepper (Pilpalon) tree which has grown much since this photo, taken while sitting under the Primrose tree in a southern corner. Meanwhile, the Fig tree cools the courtyard patio at the far end (not captured in this photo).

Garden-making is Creative Work

Garden-making is Creative Work
Looking northward - the garden is a personal expression of self, an individual conception of beauty. Gardening is also a wonderful way to gently explore some issues of personal growth. The Talmud tells us that 'Each blade of grass has its angel that bends over it and whispers: 'Grow, grow'. So do we.

Garden Supplies & Equipment
Gardener's Potting Bench
Looking north - this garden comes with its own compost bin on wheels, a collection of gardening tools & accessories, as well as a full irrigation system.

Garden Gate to Parking Lot

Garden Gate to Courtyard
Garden Gate to Parking Lot
Jerusalem Sunshine & Lace

Affordable Comfort in Israel
Rental Information - Monthly Rent:  $450 + utilities. NON-Smokers only. Available from:
August 2003.
To move in:
Security Deposit, First two-months Rent and References required.
Superb Neighbors and Supportive Community.

Click here for Rental Application Form.

For Sale to the Highest Bidder. Submit your offers via FAX.

Electricity, Gas, Water, Arnona, Vad Habeit, etc...

Estimated Monthly Utility Bills
Other Expenses - Gas stove, electricity, water, arnona, vad habeit, gardener. Financial details supplied along with a convenient currency convertor.

Telephone - any connection is the sole responsibility of the new tenant.
Other Links Relevent to Beit Shemesh

Desirable Neighborhood
Peaceful, safe neighborhood. Walking distance to stores. Easy transportation to Jerusalem. Driving directions from Tel-Aviv, The Airport, Jerusalem. (Other links & information relevent to living in Beit Shemesh).

Contact:  Miriam-Ruth Navon Toal:  ruthtoal@eircom.net
Or, call Ireland:  +00-353-78-48 355.  Or, To View By Appt Only: (02) 991 - 9532.
FAX: 001-775-535-3382 and 00353-78-48-355
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  Geraniums & Gloves   About Givat Sharet Neighborhood...

Ronson Building at Genesis Center:  Growing Anglo-Saxon community in Beit Shemesh   (By Jerusalem Post Staff)
The Genesis Center is a 3-minute walk from the apartment.
The dedication of the Howard M. Ronson Building on the Genesis Center campus on Monday, April 24, 2000, did more than mark the formal relocation of Yeshivat Rashi Yerushalaim from Jerusalem to Beit Shemesh.
The facilities of the Howard M. Ronson Building and the Bender Library were dedicated on April 24, 2000. The state-of-the-art multipurpose sports complex, featuring an Olympic-size swimming pool, a fully equipped exercise room and sauna, and ultramodern sports fields---next on the drawing board---will be available to members of the Beit Shemesh community and will serve as a magnet to attract many upscale immigrants from the US, particularly from the Greater New York area.
With the Genesis Center campus and its facilities as its hub, and with a magnificent hilltop that offers a spectacular view, Genesis Center director Rabbi Jay Marcus anticipates that Beit Shemesh will soon become 'the next great city in Israel.'
Rabbi Jay Marcus adds, 'Beit Shemesh will become a multigenerational community. We expect to attract not only young olim from Staten Island and the Greater New York area but also the parents and grandparents of our students who wish to spend their retirement years with their families in Israel. Here, where the fertile coastal plain begins its ascent into the majestic rolling Judean hills, we are building Israel's city of the future,' Rabbi Marcus asserts. 'Come join us.'
About Beit Shemesh, only 20 minutes from center of Jerusalem.  (By Juan De La Roca)
One of the oldest inhabited areas in Israel (3,000 years ago)
Strategically positioned near Ben-Gurion Airport and Ashdod seaport and, best of all, close to Israel's capital city Jerusalem
High quality of life as a suburb of Jerusalem
Relatively inexpensive housing
A well-developed civic infrastructure
Excellent educational facilities
A large modern industrial park at the western edge of the city. The park is home to modern hi-tech industries. There is also a large number of export companies.
A favorite for Western, English-speaking newcomers
Each neighborhood has a self-contained center offering commercial, educational, cultural, and religious services
Most of those who are moving to Beit Shemesh are former Jerusalemites
Israeli Folk Dancing in Beit Shemesh
Where:  Matnas Givat Sharet
When:  Thursday  20:00 - midnite
Other Locations:  www.israelidance.com
Synagogues in Givat Sharet neighborhood, Beit Shemesh
  www.yehud.com - Your Connection to the Jewish Community
Beit Medrash Torani Leumi  (Tel: 972-2-991-9644)
Ohel Yonah Menachem  (Tel: 972-2-991-9467)
Jewish Congregations and Jewish Communities
Hebrew Calendar
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Front Door
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Living Room
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Bedrooms & Rennovated Bath
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The Garden - Facing the Back Porch (East) & Screened-in Porch
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Garden - Facing South
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Garden - Facing North
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Garden - Facing West
View of the Sunset   |   The Genesis Center   |   Scheinfeld Shopping Center

'Before' and 'After' Pictures
'Before' is June-Nov. 1998   |   'Before' & 'After' of Courtyard  |   'After' begins Dec. 1998-Jan. 1999

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