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JUST 30-minutes OUTSIDE JERUSALEM:  Givat Sharet, Beit Shemesh

Adorable 2-Bedroom Apartment + Garden
Waiting List Available. Apt available August 2003 (flexible)
NO Smoking.
Click here for Rental Application Form.

Contact:  Miriam-Ruth Navon Toal - Call Ireland:  +00-353-78-48 355.
FAX: 001-775-535-3382 and 00353-78-48-355
Or:   To View By Appt Only: (02) 991 - 9532.

Rental Terms & Conditions   Rental Terms & Conditions...

Financial / Payment / Logistical Arrangements
Click here for Rental Application Form.
Official Daily Currency Exchange Rates - Tel: 972-2-655-2999
and www.bankisrael.gov.il/eng.shearim/index.php
Bank of Israel - Official Exchange Rate in English:
The rent for the apartment is determined to be the sum of
1,998 NIS / Shekels or USD $ 450 per month, whichever is greater, according to the official exchange rate available on
One Year Lease. Preference given to long-term applicants.
Possible move-in dates:  August 2003 onward...
First Two-months Rent & References required.
Before moving into the apartment, the Tenant is to pay a Security Deposit of USD $ 1,500 payable in cash or wire.
The Security Deposit may not be used for the last month's rent.
90-Days Written Notice by Registered Mail is to be given by either side in the event the contract has to be terminated earlier, regardless of the termination date of the rental period.
Rent is to be paid in advance: before or on the last business day (Sunday thru Thursday) of the previous month.
The rent is to be in the form of cash shekels, directly deposited into the bank account detailed in the rental contract. No post-dated checks.
The Tenant may deposit the monthly rent early, but not late without incurring a $2.90 or 13 NIS, whichever is greater, per day late fee. The Tenant understands that this late fee must be deposited along with the rent deposit.
The Tenant agrees to save all receipts and paid bills relative to the apartment, garden and courtyard.
The Tenant agrees to bear all expenses and fees related to checks that are returned due to insufficient funds.

The Security Deposit will be returned to the Tenant in cash after the Tenant has fulfilled the terms specified in the rental contract relative to vacating the apartment. All stamped, paid bills and final readings must be faxed to the Landlord for final review. Any amounts paid by the Tenant that are not relevant to the Tenant's rental period will be refunded.

A copy of the rental contract (Word 2000 format) is available for download to serious applicants. Ask for it via email.

Smoking is strictly prohibited in the apartment.

Contractual Items
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Kitchen Photo #1   |   Kitchen Photo #2   |   Kitchen Photo #3

Front Door
Front Door Photo #1   |   Front Door Photo #2

Living Room
Living Room Photo #1   |   Living Room Photo #2   |   Living Room Photo #3

Bedrooms & Rennovated Bath
Bedroom Photo #1   |   Bedroom Photo #2   |   Bathroom Photo #1

The Garden - Facing the Back Porch (East) & Screened-in Porch
Back Porch Photo #1   |   Screened Porch Photo #1   |   Screened Porch Photo #2

Garden - Facing South
Facing South Photo #1   |   Facing South Photo #2

Garden - Facing North
Facing North Photo #1   |   Facing North Photo #2   |   Facing North Photo #3   |   Facing North Photo #4

Garden - Facing West
View of the Sunset   |   The Genesis Center   |   Scheinfeld Shopping Center

'Before' and 'After' Pictures
'Before' is June-Nov. 1998   |   'Before' & 'After' of Courtyard  |   'After' begins Dec. 1998-Jan. 1999

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