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M. Ruth Toal .... qualified , registered professional Aromatherapist with the IFPA and IMTA ... International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists and the Irish Massage Therapists Association

You begin by telling the aromatherapist what is troubling you, and if need be, what is happening in your life that could trigger what you are experiencing. Circumstances, relationships and events affect us. It is helpful if you can give as much detail as possible about your symptoms, including anything that makes them better or worse. If you have noticed any other changes in yourself since the symptoms started (such as: mood, anxieties, concentration levels, energy levels, sleep, dreams, appetite, thirst, temperature), these details can also be very useful.

A questionnaire is posted out to you *before* the first consultation to encourage you to take time to complete it with thought and without time constraints. When it is complete, you post it back to your practitioner for a thoughtful review and professional evaluation.

Treatment takes thought and planning, and in some cases, preliminary preparations.

As a practitioner specialising in medically-based aromatherapy, I will normally take a full medical case history from you and record details of any previous health problems in your family, going back to your grandparents. The aim of the consultation is to get an overview, not only of your complaint, but also of you as a person.

For follow-up sessions, a vastly shortened consultation sheet helps you and I assess your response to the previous session and decide how your treatment can best be continued.

Regular Aromatherapy treatment could make a significant difference to your daily life.

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Confidentiality of Records

Government and insurance regulations vary, but providers and practitioners are generally required to maintain patient/client records for seven years, after which they may be destroyed.

A hallmark of professional practice in personal service is The Confidentiality Ethic. The ethic of confidentiality provides you, the client, with a level of privacy and safety that supports positive change in your life and work with your therapist, counsellor, or other alternative / complementary practitioner. What you share with us, is safe with us.

The Code of Ethics confidentiality principle for APPLIED AROMATHERAPY is this:
Therapists and counsellors must keep confidential all information about clients obtained in the course of treatment and counselling service. They are responsible for informing clients of any legal limits to confidentiality prior to obtaining personal information or providing service. Personal information is shared with others only with the client's written consent or, in rare circumstances, where there is clear and imminent danger to the individual or other persons.

Counsellors, therapists, and many other personal service providers are required by law to report to authorities when they have reason to believe that a client presents a serious danger to self or another. The same legal requirement holds when a minor child and, in some jurisdictions, a senior person, is being abused or may be abused. For that reason, it is fair, respectful, and very important that your practitioners inform you of the legal limits to confidentiality before obtaining any personal information from you or providing you with service.

You may find that some practitioners hesitate, or simply forget, to outline the legal limits to confidentiality. Some feel that speaking of such limits will raise your “caution quotient,” making you less likely to open up and share your concerns. Fortunately, that usually does not happen. In fact, informing you in a clear, straightforward fashion of the legal limits to confidentiality is more likely to have a paradoxical or opposite effect. It will impress you positively and make you feel more safe. When practitioners outline the limits to privacy, you know that they value safety above all and they will not knowingly allow harm to you or anyone else if they can prevent it.

Client confidentiality guarantees that your secrets are safe... as long as they pose no clear and present danger to yourself or others. But when they do pose a serious danger, to yourself or to someone else, your secret is no longer a secret.

IFPA - International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists, England.IMTA - Irish Massage Therapists Association ... established in 1989 for Qualified Massage TherapistsITEC, London - My 1st son... Roarke (born May 2001)My 2nd son... Isaac (born Feb. 2003)My 3rd son... IrahBen (born Dec. 2005)


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