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What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. ----Walt Emerson

M. Ruth Toal .... qualified , registered professional Aromatherapist with the IFPA and IMTA ... International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists and the Irish Massage Therapists Association

What can i say that has not already been said about essential oils... It is both an honour and a privilege to be in the same field of study as those who are further along the path of knowledge, research and learning than I, names such as Dr. Jane Buckle, PhD; Kurt Schnaubelt, PhD; Valerie Ann Worwood; Jan Kusmirek; Salvatore Battaglia; Ron Guba; Shirley Price; Bob Harris; Rhianna Harris, RN; Gabriel Mojay; Patricia Davis; Caroline Ingraham; Christine & Joe Sapsford (Purple Flame) ... most of them pioneers and all of them leaders in the world of Aromatherapy. As a perpetual, lifelong student of Aromatherapy, I am so grateful for their work, their insights and guidance, and the materials they produce that I am free to devour and integrate into my own practice, into my own journey through life.

Bless you ALL for all you have done for those of us who follow the paths you have established.

Now, contrary to popular opinion, aromatherapy is not just about smelling things.....

Link to Special Offer : Pregnancy MassageAromatherapy is a branch of PhytoTherapy which is the Medicinal Uses of Plants.  It is, more accurately, the art---and science---of using plant oils in treatment.

These ESSENTIAL OILS are complex substances. They are mosaics of hundreds, or even thousands, of different chemicals. The average essential oil may contain anywhere from 80 to 200 chemical constituents. An essential oil like lavender, may contain as many as 800 different chemical compounds, many occurring in minute quantities but all contributing to the oil's therapeutic effects.

Regular Aromatherapy Treatment could make a significant difference to your daily life.

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Did You Know... There are Different Types of Aromatherapy

Medical / Clinical Aromatherapy

Psychotherapeutic Aromatherapy for Stress Management

Holistic Aromatherapy

Aesthetic Aromatherapy in Beauty Therapy and the Scientific Study of Fragrance including Environmental Fragrancing

In her book Clinical Aromatherapy - Essential Oils in Practice, 2nd edition, Dr. Jane Buckle puts it this way, "Without doubt, 'nice smells' added to a massage in a beauty salon are something akin to fresh flowers on the table at a restaurant; CLINICAL AROMATHERAPY - Essential Oils in Practice by Dr. Jane Buckle, PhDthey are not specific ingredients of the meal, buy they certainly enhance it. This is a form of Aesthetic Aromatherapy. Beauty therapists do not usually treat disease.

However, at the other end of the aromatherapy spectrum, Medical / Clinical Aromatherapy suggests that specific medical conditions can be treated with essential oils. French medical aromatherapists Franchomme, Penoel, Gattefosse, and Belaiche have each written books dedicated to this subject.

These two types of aromatherapy---aesthetic and medical---are very distinct. The misunderstandings that arise often concern the types of aromatherapy that fall in between and what they entail."

Jane goes on to explain that "Holistic Aromatherapy suggests the therapist is involved with all parts of the patient---in other words, with mind, body, and spirit. Holistic Aromatherapy involves "supporting" a client; this is consistent with Tisserand's diagrammatic outlines. It is a procedure often carried out by body workers who may or may not know much about the chemistry of the essential oils or the pathologic conditions for which they are appropriate. These therapists are not "treating" the client so much as supporting other treatments the client may be receiving, which can be either orthodox medical care or alternative complementary therapies." Holistic Aromatherapy utilises the pharmacological, psychotherapeutic and metaphysical properties of essential oils.

"Aesthetic Aromatherapy is about pleasure. Choosing a smell because it is pleasing is similar to studying a beautiful picture. The picture is treasured for the pleasure it gives, not for its intrinsic molecular structure. To put it another way, the use of perfumes, scented bath soaps, and incense sticks are the use of Aesthetic Aromatherapy, and the world would be a sadder place without them. Dr. Jane Buckle, PhD ... keynote speaker at the IMTA AGM in April 2007 ... author of CLINICAL AROMATHERAPY -  Essential Oils in Practice, 2nd edition (copyright 2003)When patients are nearing the end of their lives, the focus is on keeping them comfortable, not prolonging life. At that stage, Aesthetic Aromatherapy can give both pleasure and comfort."

And, finally, "Psychoaromatherapy concerns the ways smells or odors affect our brains by influencing the production of endorphins and noradrenaline. Whether we realise it or not, our entire life is affected by smell.

All forms of aromatherapy have been around for hundreds of years. They are definately not "New Age." Despite the explosion of products on the market that include the word aromatherapy on their labels, the use of essential oils in products is not new. Only the use of their laboratory-produced synthetic copies is a recent development."

I could not have said it better, so I didn't try. Thank you Jane!

"For those stressed by civilization, Aromatherapy offers nature in a bottle."

IFPA - International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists, England.IMTA - Irish Massage Therapists Association ... established in 1989 for Qualified Massage TherapistsITEC, London - My 1st son... Roarke (born May 2001)My 2nd son... Isaac (born Feb. 2003)My 3rd son... IrahBen (born Dec. 2005)


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