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M. Ruth Toal : Her Qualifications

M. Ruth Toal offers support, encouragement, time-out, and personal experiential knowledge combined with formal training to all who come for treatment. Having applied aromatherapy throughout her own three pregnancies, labours, and postnatal periods she has a wealth of insight into how, when, where, and why to use essential and carrier oils. Below is an overview of her hands-on learning & experience.

IFPA - International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists, England.IMTA - Irish Massage Therapists Association ... established in 1989 for Qualified Massage TherapistsITEC, London - My 1st son... Roarke (born May 2001)My 2nd son... Isaac (born Feb. 2003)My 3rd son... IrahBen (born Dec. 2005)

M. Ruth Toal : Her Post-Graduate Training

WELL MOTHER Pregnancy Massage APNT Certificate of Attendance     [about this course]

Well integrates shiatsu, massage, ante- and post-natal exercise & education, baby massage, homeopathy and relaxation. Its mission is to focus on allowing us all to grow towards our potential by working on ourselves and our children, with a special awareness of the power of pregnancy and new beginnings. Well Mother's primary aim is to support the wisdom of parents and babies by promoting the use of bodywork---especially massage, shiatsu, and exercise---as a core element of 21st century Maternity Care. Well Mother works both with parents (mainly in Bristol, UK) and with health professionals (worldwide).

The APNT Diploma to be issued upon completion of written course-work consisting of an individualised project and 4 case studies of 4 treatment sessions each.

Dates:    March 29 - April 1st, 2007 plus 12-months of Case Studies
Instructor:    Suzanne Yates, Director of Well Mother, BA (Hons), Dip HSEC, MRSS (Teacher), PGCE.

Governing Body:    APNT - The Association of Physical and Natural Therapists, London, England.

ADVANCED AROMATHERAPY and MASSAGE in PREGNANCY Certificate      [about this]

Dates:    October 27, 28 and 29th, 2006
Instructor No. 1:    Rhiannon Harris, editor of The International Journal of Clinical Aromatherapy  and co-founder of the first ever MSc Degree program in Aromatic Medicine in association with a leading UK university.

Instructor No. 2:    Juliette Preston, who ran a busy practice at the London-based ACTIVE BIRTH CENTRE between 1991 through 1999. She then founded EARTH MOTHER AROMATHERAPY, continuing to teach workshops entitled Massage For Partners Through Pregnancy; and, she has assisted in implementing the use of essential oils at the Birth Unit of the Hospital of St. John's and St. Elizabeth in London.

Institute Principal:    Gabriel Mojay

Governing Body:    ITHMA - The Institute of Traditional Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy, Regent's College, London, England.


Aromatherapy Training


TARA School of Integrative Therapy, Ireland

School Diploma:    Tara School of Integrative Therapy, Sligo, Ireland
Received Diploma:
   August 2006
Principle Tutor:    Martina Connolly, Sligo, Ireland
Diploma References:   EMAIL to:  Sue Jenkins, IFPA Education Chair, 2006.

Governing Body:    IFPA - International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists, England.


Registered and Qualified for the Period:    29 Oct. 2009 - 28 Oct. 2011
Instructor:    Maura Lowry

Examiner:    Martin Mulvey

Governing Body:    Irish Red Cross Society.


TARA School of Integrative Therapy, Ireland

Received School Diploma:  Tara School of Integrative Therapy, Sligo, 2003
Received ITEC Diploma:    March 2002
Principle Tutor:    Martina Connolly

School Director:    Monica Mackin (retired)

Governing Body:  IFPA - International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists, England.


Medical Software Instructor Training (T)

Science Applications International Corporation - SAIC - headquartered in LaJolla, CA, USA.
U.S. Department of Defense

Received Award :   Sept. 24, 1993 - HCTG Special Performance Award
Employee :   July 1988 - Nov. 1993 ... McLean, VA and San Diego, CA
My Instructors :    Software Develop. Dept, SAIC, San Diego, CA
Project Name :    CHCS - Composite Health Care System

My Assessment of My Job :   'I can't believe they pay me to have so much fun (teaching other adults and travelling all over the USA and Germany)!'
Governing Body :    Department of Defense, USA.

For the Department of Defense (DoD), SAIC operates and maintains the Composite Health Care System (CHCS), the world's largest fully integrated clinical information system for patient information and clinical needs.

Under my maiden name: Mary Frances Nolan
Medical Software Instructor (T)

Medical Software Testing & Training

HBOC's SMR - Pathways Smart Medical Record  - Helps physicians comply with new HCFA / AMA GUIDELINES

Employee:  1996 - 1998 ... HBOC Medical, Jerusalem, ISRAEL.
Quality Assurance Manager:    Joshua Weiss

Software Development Leader:    Gil Gonen

Governing Body:    HBOC Medical Ltd., Georgia, USA.
HBOC Medical Ltd, developer of the Smart Medical Record (SMR).


Post-Graduate Academic University Studies  (1-yr program)

Specialising in Hebrew Language Studies, Jewish History, and History of the Middle East

Hebrew University of Jerusalem, ISRAEL - Overseas Student Programs - Rothberg International School
Hebrew University of Jerusalem, ISRAEL - Overseas Student Programs - Rothberg International School
Rothberg International School for Overseas Students of HEBREW UNIVERSITY of Jerusalem, ISRAEL

Post-Graduate University Student :    1991 - 1992
Maiden Name :  Mary Frances Nolan
Overseas Dept. :  Rothberg International School
Address :   Hebrew University, Jerusalem, ISRAEL.
In 2005, Israel's Council for Higher Education ranked the Hebrew University as the nation's #1 university on a scale of "academic excellence."
About the Program :  You will hear the sounds of Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, Polish, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian, Korean and Japanese reverberate in the Rothberg International School. The Hebrew University brings all these students, from over 50 countries, together in Jerusalem to share a common experience in Hebrew their new common language.


B.A. Economics & Internat'l Commerce, Honours  (4-yr degree)

Specialising in International Commerce with Minor Subjects : History & German

KALAMAZOO COLLEGE, Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA ... "A fellowship in learning : At home in the world."

3rd Level University Student :    1980 - 1984
Maiden Name :  Mary Frances Nolan
Academic Advisor :  Dr. Philip Thomas, Econ. Dept. Chair
Foreign Study Year :  University of Nurnberg, Germany
Study abroad offers eligible students the opportunity to challenge their assumptions about themselves and other cultures in a rigorous experiential education environment.

Address :   Kalamazoo College, K'zoo, Michigan, USA.
'K' Motto :  "A fellowship in learning : At home in the world."
Founded in 1833, among the 100 oldest institutions in the country. Strong focus on experiential education. Student-Faculty Ratio: 12 to 1. Average Class Size: 17 students. Nationally known for the K-Plan.

Total 'K' College Student Population :  1,340


2nd Level Honours Student

Specialising in Anatomy & Physiology and Life Sciences

Gabriel Richard High School, Riverview, Michigan, USA.

2nd Level Student :    1976 - 1980
Maiden Name :    Mary Frances Nolan
Principal Mentors :    Miss P
 and  Sr. Julianna
Foreign Language :    French

School Address :  Gabriel Richard High School,
15325 Pennsylvania Road, Riverview, Michigan 48193 USA.
Tel : (734) 284-1875.

About Ruth's Approach to Work and Life...

Makes the ideal a goal. Is a master of articulating personal values through group and one-on-one communication. Listens for emotions and symbolic content, critiques for value, and relates preferences and relationships.

Is sensitive to complex interpersonal connections, ethical boundaries, and the logic of one's values.

Trusts foresight. Often is aware of a collective future or envisions a path for growth. Projects and introjects---needs to know the future impact of decisions on people.

Has ideals that are directed to reconciling, connecting, and developing people and their ideas.

For further enquiries you may ring our mountain retreat treatment room on (071) 96 48 355 between 10am - 10pm or e-mail us at


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