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Special Pregnancy Massage Offer


M. Ruth Toal .... qualified , registered professional Aromatherapist with the IFPA and IMTA ... International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists and the Irish Massage Therapists Association

Tel: (071) 96 48 355

If you're interested in receiving a pregnancy massage for just the cost of my overhead, call Ruth immediately to schedule your treatments.

This offer will not last and spaces are limited.

I am a qualified and registered aromatherapist doing a post-graduate diploma in Pregnancy Massage. I am also the regional officer for the Irish Massage Therapists Association (IMTA).

I need pregnant women in every trimester & in the post-natal period to work with for my case studies. I am offering 4-6 full pregnancy massage sessions for each woman, including couples massage sessions for those interested.

Each session lasts 90-minutes and costs just  €50 Euros (each session, for the first 4 sessions).

For further details about the WELLMOTHER Pregnancy Massage Diploma Course,
go to the Course Details available online at:  Well Mother Pregnancy Massage Diploma.Helping you connect to yourself, and to your baby.

Warm regards, Mrs. M. Ruth Toal


About Ruth Toal : Snippet from her Post-Graduate Training

WELL MOTHER Pregnancy Massage APNT Certificate of Attendance     [course details]

Well Mothers primary aim is
To support the wisdom of parents and babies

WELL MOTHER Massage & Pregnancy Diploma Course - to develop massage skills and holistic care in pregnancy, birth, and post-natally with Suzanne Yates

Governing Body:    APNT
The Association of Physical and Natural Therapists, London, England.

ADVANCED AROMATHERAPY and MASSAGE in PREGNANCY Certificate      [about this]

Earth Mother Aromatherapy ... Massage For Partners Through Pregnancy by Alan Stuart (mifpa (dip) ithma) and Juliette Preston (mifpa)

ITHMA - The Institute of Traditional Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy, directed by Gabriel Mojay, author of Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit.























Massage For Partners Through Pregnancy

Intuitive Touch
For Physical & Emotional Preparation and Support

Though primarily a time for protecting, nurturing and providing nourishment for the growing baby within, PREGNANCY can also be a time to reflect and prepare both body and mind for birth and motherhood. Reflecting the subtle changes within, the pregnant woman also experiences necessary physical and emotional adjustments.
………some more comfortable than others. It is here that the simple act of touch can bring comfort, support and a wonderful sense of nurturing.

The benefits of massage to the pregnant woman have been recognised by traditional societies the world over. And, a comforting, supportive massage especially given by the partner can be rewarding to both partners and the growing child within. It is also fun to do!

I work with pregnant couples and teach safe and very simple techniques for massage through the childbearing year and during labour.

Many partners are perplexed at the thought of touch outside of a sensual context. Some are concerned and some have fear of causing harm to the baby and the woman. However, once tentative hands have been encouraged to relax in the knowledge that this is the most perfectly natural form of communication between two people, it is wonderful to witness a partner's realisation that they can play a vital and dynamic role in helping and supporting the woman through the journey of the 'nine moons'.

There are no hidden secrets or complicated techniques requiring physical origami of the hands. Rather, the keys to massage through pregnancy and labour by the partner are Simplicity, Trust, Intuition and Communication. Indeed, it is with regular practice throughout the pregnancy that the partner can develop a wonderful sense of intuitive communication with the pregnant woman that is invaluable when it comes to giving supportive and comforting massage in labour.

Gone are the days in the 5th month of term when it would feel like he was dislocating his partner's shoulder, or, with one hand on her neck and one eye on the TV, there would be a sudden increase in the intensity of stroke as Manchester United launched another attack at goal. Through encouragement, communication and feedback, the partner can develop a touch that is safe and secure and that can certainly help to relieve many of the most common 'dis-harmonies' that occur through the pregnancy.

TIME and INTENTION… Two important aspects of providing supportive and nurturing massage are time and intention. There is a palpably-felt difference between receiving touch from someone who is focused, in the moment, and sensitive to his partner's needs and someone who is stressed and tired or would rather be elsewhere.

Allocate enough space and time to be relaxed together and leave distractions outside the door. It can all begin for you by taking a few sessions with me.

Each session lasts 90-minutes and costs just  € 50 Euros.

Contact Tel:  (071) 96 48 355   (between 10am - 10pm)



M. Ruth Toal offers support, encouragement, time-out, and personal experiential knowledge combined with formal training to all who come for treatment. Having applied aromatherapy throughout her own three pregnancies, labours, and postnatal periods she has a wealth of insight into how, when, where, and why to use essential and carrier oils. For a full list of her credentials, qualifications, hands-on learning & experience go to QUALIFICATIONS.

"For those stressed by civilization, Aromatherapy offers nature in a bottle."

IFPA - International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists, England.IMTA - Irish Massage Therapists Association ... established in 1989 for Qualified Massage TherapistsITEC, London - My 1st son... Roarke (born May 2001)My 2nd son... Isaac (born Feb. 2003)My 3rd son... IrahBen (born Dec. 2005)

About Ruth's Approach to Work and Life...

Makes the ideal a goal. Is a master of articulating personal values through group and one-on-one communication. Listens for emotions and symbolic content, critiques for value, and relates preferences and relationships.

Is sensitive to complex interpersonal connections, ethical boundaries, and the logic of one's values.

Trusts foresight. Often is aware of a collective future or envisions a path for growth. Projects and introjects---needs to know the future impact of decisions on people.

Has ideals that are directed to reconciling, connecting, and developing people and their ideas.

For further enquiries you may ring our mountain retreat treatment room on (071) 96 48 355 between 10am - 10pm or e-mail us at


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