M. Ruth Navon Toal
M. Ruth Navon Toal
M. Ruth Navon Toal
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This job-seeker is gifted with imagination & pragmatism. She is most concerned with practical results. She has her B.A. in Economics & International Commerce (with Honours) and is a seasoned business traveler.

M. Ruth Navon Toal is a certified professional in many lines of work with more than 16 years of combined experience as:

  • website designer
  • internet & medical software quality assurance analyst, instructor and tester
  • lead corporate software trainer
  • lecturer & instructor
  • computer software implementation specialist in client support
  • vocational school & personnel recruiter
  • health insurance sales agent
To add to her credentials and professional qualifications, M. Ruth Navon Toal's kinship with animals escorted her into starting her own very successful pet care business in Jerusalem, Israel in 1994. She continued to provide her services to the animal-loving community through the end of 1999 when new internet-related commitments required more of her time.
Establishing and 3 years of managing a small Jerusalem Rooming House from 1995 into 1998 - a poor man's Bed & Breakfast - revealed to M. Ruth Navon Toal that her specialty is “organization” and coordination of details. Let her rich background and vast experience work for you.
You may ask, “Why this website instead of a standard resume?”
Well, it is an audition for various roles I would like to play in your business or organization: instruction; website design, desktop publishing; software applications & user support; quality productions; development and team work; success planning; promotion; and customer service.
I believe if you keep the standards up, you will keep the customer. Nothing can replace the 'human touch' in the business world.

Customer Service can make or break a company's reputation. I was professionally recognized for my dedication to the client and their needs... and, the American client is accustomed to very high standards in the customer service arena.

I enjoy involvement in details:  spotting omissions, oversights and vague renderings. Nonetheless, an understanding of the overall view is a critical requirement for me to perform at my best. I am also well-known for my ability to take what others have and to pinpoint and describe successful targets for them, targets that yield the outcomes desired, targets complete with the necessary steps involved to reach the goal.
What gets me going is creativity---solving problems better than anyone else can---with efficiency and attractiveness in mind (and, preferably in tandem with websites).
As the pace of change in our world continues to accelerate I find my investments in clear communication, meaningful collaboration and vivid creativity to be very stabilizing and personally rewarding.
I am interested in and open to exploring new horizons and applying my experience and know-how to adding value in organizations and operations managed by good people.
I am looking to cultivate economic opportunities through which I pass on tremendous value, provide opportunity for others, and, even change my part of the world for the better.
I agree that...


“Business is the most powerful, most progressive social force in the world.”

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M. Ruth Navon Toal.
ALTIQUIN,   Drumkeerin,   County Leitrim,     Ireland
Telephone:  (071) 96 48 355       Email:  ruthtoal@eircom.net
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