eglei tal

eglei tal. the taste of health.

Eglei Tal is an innovative and fast growing natural food company. We specialize in tofu products and the wheat protein "seitan".

In other words, we offer the two best substitutes for milk and dairy products. It has long been proved that excessive consumption of animal proteins is the major cause of many of the diseases that plague modern, western-style, populations. In spite of this fact, most people find it very difficult to reduce animal food intake for many reasons: habit, the pleasure of the taste of dairy products, and the lack of valid substitutes.

Eglei Tal offers a valid solution to these three problems. Both the taste of its products and their nutritional value match or even supercede those of animal products. By switching to our products people will experience full satisfaction in terms of taste and texture, look and smell, not to mention the exceptional nutritional benefits.

eglei tal.  dew drops.  the taste of health.
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